The Invaluable Assistant – eBook (PDF)


Power-packed eBook for administrative professionals containing 15 tips and over 30 ideas to add more value in your position!


Are you indispensable… or invaluable?

Many assistants (and those in a wide variety of other roles) have traditionally considered themselves indispensable. But learning the difference between these two mindsets is crucial to your success and job security in your role as an executive administrative partner.

Your position is indispensable; if you don’t prove your added value to your leader and your organization, you are not. That value is reflected in the mindsets, attributes and skill sets that executives prize in their assistants. Fully understanding and demonstrating your value moves you from being considered merely “indispensable” to being truly “invaluable.”

In “The Invaluable Assistant” Sandy Geroux shares, directly from executives, hard-hitting tips, skills and mindsets that executive assistants need in order to stay on top of their game and help executives stay on top of theirs. Through these tips and enlightening stories and examples, you will learn how to go from being in the average position where “anyone else will do” to the enviable position where “no one else will do!”


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