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I’d like Sandy to EMCEE our conference!

Ask me about my VIRTUAL EMCEE services during (or even after!) social distancing
to entertain and engage your audiences and create a smooth flow for your event!


I want to express our sincere gratitude for your role as Emcee. There is no doubt that bringing you back for a second year was one of the best decisions we made for APC. Your energy knows no bounds and reaches out and touches everyone in the general sessions! Your singing added a personal touch… your stage presence and outgoing personality made the APC very proud indeed to have you as our Emcee.
– Ellen Ackerman / APC Conference Manager


“It was such a joy working with you. I could always count on you to deliver our message. I can’t thank you enough for making this one of the best conferences ever.
– Judy Geller / APC Conference Director


“I loved the Emcee! She was so funny – I can’t wait to see her start her own TV show!”
– Attendee & Sponsor at Osceola Woman Health/Trade Show


conference emcee

Conference EMCEE – APC 2010 & 2011

As EMCEE for your conference, Sandy brings a liberal dose of warmth, humor, and connection that delivers the right message and creates an experience attendees will not forget.

From humorous interactions, to fun quizzes and interactive games, to inspiring quotes, to delivering key messages, Sandy’s personal style makes everyone feel welcome and valued. She even sings!

Sandy will also attend your fun events, dress in “themed” attire for general sessions, help with raffle drawings… and generally do whatever needs to be done to create a consistent and welcoming presence when your organizers cannot be “everywhere at once”!

In addition, if you would like Sandy to conduct Conference Orientation sessions on site, or even Introductory webinars ahead of time, she can help you get your attendees connected, informed and engaged – even before the conference begins!


The emcee is a star herself and made the conference so much fun…don’t lose her…she adds a wonderful personal touch for us all and I enjoy her interaction with the attendees!


The EMC, Sandy Geroux, was FANTASTIC!


Loved the emcee Sandy Geroux!!


Sandy (the Emcee) treated everyone like family. She was the highlight of the whole conference.


Have Sandy back with more information on how to WOW others and she shows by example.


Speaker-emcee (Sandy) really WOWed us this year!

Sandy can facilitate and moderate panel discussions, but she also knows how to have fun with an audience. Take a look at the video clip below!



Conference Emcee Conference Emcee

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