Additional Resources

Below are some additional resources for clients, meeting planners and other speakers.

I have found these resources to be extremely helpful and beneficial… Enjoy!


Mentimeter (Fun, colorful, interactive polling software)

This has been the easiest, most fun polling software I have ever used. Slides dynamically update on the screen as people vote – and you can leave the polls open so they can vote after your presentation, too! No sign-ups or registration needed for attendees to vote!

They offer a free plan, as well as a paid plan. Check it out on the link below:

Visit Mentimeter


Plexicam (adjustable plexiglass holder for an external webcam)

This item is fantastic for increasing eye contact with virtual attendees. The “shelf” on the holder holds your webcam at whatever position you wish on the screen, so you can see through the holder to what’s on your screen, whether attendees’ faces, PowerPoint slides or other content. Click below to visit PlexiCam’s website and order yours!

(Full disclosure: I will receive a small commission from PlexiCam if you order from this link.)

Visit PlexiCam



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