About Motivational Leadership Speaker Sandy Geroux, M.S.

Sandy Geroux, M.S., is an award-winning and motivational leadership speaker, trainer and author who delivers engaging keynote and training presentations to help leaders implement everyday actions that inspire team members to create exceptional experiences for everyone around them. Sandy has helped over 50,000 attendees in 175 companies and organizations activate a culture of WOW by finding ways to encourage creativity, tap into hidden talents and interests, and create a culture of respect and service.  Her interactive programs overflow with ideas and tips to raise employee engagement and customer service; attendees describe her dynamic speaking style as enthusiastic, energetic and extremely motivating!

She is also the creator of Leadership Bingo™, a proprietary leadership assessment tool that helps participants quickly assess their strengths and identify any gaps in their leadership skills or their consistency in applying those skills to everyday workplace situations.

Sandy is an expert in making people feel connected, engaged and motivated to perform on a higher level. She has worked on both sides of the leadership equation for over 30 years and brings deep insights from both the leader’s and the team member’s perspective, helping them build a bridge to understanding the workplace experience for every member of the team.

She also has a strong background in technology, systems analysis and business systems consulting and holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management, with an emphasis on Marketing. This helps her not only address the human side of leadership and service, but also enables her to help her clients delve into the systems in place to support them to help ensure that systems and execution function at the highest level.

Her programs for leaders help them uncover their leadership “blind spots” and master the necessary skills and habits to strengthen their relationships with their teams. Her programs for team members and support staff inspire them to put their own challenges and frustrations into a new perspective. She also helps them understand the leader’s pressures, challenges  and viewpoint, inspiring them to go the extra mile to find hidden WOW’s that add up to exceptional experiences for customers and each other.

“Thanks so much Sandy! Loved getting to meet you and your keynote was amazing. You are really an inspiration. I love to meet people who love their work!”
– Curt Fowler, FL Excellence Conference


“Thanks, Sandy. You gave very useable and needed information. Enjoyed your songs, also. You are a very touching person”
– Healthcare Conference attendee


“Sandy, you are very energetic and contagious. Thanks for coming and sharing.”
– Healthcare Conference attendee


Sandy’s Background

Motivational speaker, Sandy Geroux, M.S.A lifelong student of human motivation, Sandy always strives to create WOW experiences for everyone around her, and her programs focus on helping others do the same. She has learned much of what she knows about respect, humanity and leadership through working in the corporate environment for 18 years, and through owning her own businesses since 1995.

Subsequent to her corporate experience, Sandy became an award-winning real estate professional, and then started her own speaking and training business in the year 2001. She has also served on the Board of Directors of two children’s charities, and has served as Chairman of the Small Business Council of her local Chamber of Commerce and as Past President and Past Dean of the Speakers’ Academy in the Central Florida Chapter of the National Speakers Association. In 2013, Sandy earned her Masters of Information Systems Management degree with an emphasis on Marketing, and achieved the distinction of summa cum laude.

Sandy’s Passion for Speaking and Training

Sandy’s love affair with speaking and training began long before she ever thought about owning her own speaking and training business. In fact, due to her proficiency with technology, as well as her ability to quickly grasp complex concepts, break them down and explain them to others, she was asked to conduct hands-on technology (and other) training in almost every corporate position she ever held.

In her Systems Analyst/Business Systems Consultant position for an international catalog company, she worked with corporate leaders and systems users to design, test and implement their major technology applications, as well as designed and conducted user training and Train-the-Trainer sessions.

Through the liberal use of stories, humor and proprietary tools and templates, Sandy draws on all of her experiences (and those of her clients and colleagues) to help her audiences find ways to enjoy their work more and understand the positive impact they can have on everyone around them.

Through her “creative side,” she is PASSIONATELY OBSESSED with helping people find hidden ways to uncover the everyday, small nuances of service, respect, compassion, and creativity that add up to exceptional experiences for everyone involved.

Through her systems background and knowledge, she LOGICALLY OBSESSED with helping organizations find ways to uncover gaps in the policies, systems and processes that support them, and re-design them to enable the WOW experiences they wish to deliver.


“Sandy, no matter how hard the concept was that you were teaching me, if I didn’t understand something, you always found another way to explain it to me so I understood it.”

– Corporate co-worker


Several of Sandy’s major accomplishments include:

  • Coaching real estate professionals who subsequently increased their performance by as much as 300% and more as a result of her coaching.
  • Helping clients reach customer service milestones and scores they have never before attained; one client reached their goal to improve their customer service scores by nearly 40% and save their #2 client in just 6 weeks (one 2-hour program per week), through a custom-designed customer service training series designed and delivered to the Customer Service staff by Sandy.
  • Other clients have reported long-term positive impact on franchise owners, managers, and team members at every level that keeps them engaged in the WOWplace principles and helps their businesses succeed long after her programs are over.



Sandy Geroux awardsBusiness & Speaking Awards:

  • 2004-2024 – Sandy has earned many awards from her NSA Central Florida chapter
  • 2012 George Morrisey Lifetime Achievement Award – National Speakers Association – Central Florida Chapter
  • 2010 Ed Peters Past Presidents Service Award – National Speakers Association – Central Florida Chapter
  • 2009 Home-Based Business of the Year – Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce
  • 2007 Board Member of the Year – National Speakers Association – Central Florida Chapter
  • 2006 Rosita Perez Spirit Award – National Speakers Association – Central Florida Chapter
  • 2005 Chapter Member of the Year – National Speakers Association – Central Florida Chapter


Real Estate Awards:

  • 1995: Century 21 Rookie of the Year for the state of Rhode Island
  • 1997: RE/MAX Executive Club; RIAR Million Dollar Producer
  • 1998: RE/MAX 100% Club; RIAR Million Dollar Producer
  • 1999: RE/MAX 100% Club; RIAR Multi-Million Dollar Producer
  • 1999: #8 Individual RE/MAX Agent in the State of Rhode Island


Humanitarian Award Sandy GerouxSandy has also received humanitarian and community service awards from numerous civic and community groups, including RESPECT, Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Give Kids Safe Shelter, Children’s Advocacy Center for Osceola, Inc., Sons of Italy, and Toastmasters International.

Here are some unique facts about Sandy:

Sandy has been told that she is a very “whole-brained” individual. Happily for Sandy, this finally explains why she has never been able to “pick a side” when asked if she is left-brained or right-brained. (She always thought there must be something wrong with her!) Happily for her clients, this unique capability allows her to see and visualize creative and innovative events and actions, and then drill down to figure out how and why they succeeded (or failed), then systematize them so they can be repeated (or avoided) in the future.

It also explains why she has been able to succeed as a Systems Analyst/Business Systems Consultant, as well as a hands-on computer trainer. To succeed as a Systems Analyst, Sandy was required to collect large amounts of knowledge and quickly cull them down to their most important elements, figure out how to explain them to both technical staff and laymen (users), develop test data and test the systems, then create a training manual and deliver training on those systems.

This level of systems thinking and penchant for applied knowledge also enables her to help clients go deeper, ask better questions, and become more creative in determining how they should position their goals and identify which actions will help them get there.

In addition to creating highly customized programs for her clients, Sandy is also an executive speechwriter and speech coach, and has worked with executive clients for 5 years to help them bring cohesion to their messages, bring their stage presence to higher professional levels and create takeaway materials that can actually be used as checklists for success after the conference is over.

She is also a singer (there’s that right-brain!), and has performed in numerous musical and dramatic stage productions, as well as sung the National Anthem at various sports venues, including Daytona International Speedway. At her clients’ request, she often includes humorous custom song parodies and inspiring songs in her programs for added impact and connection with her audiences.

Sandy combines real-life entrepreneurial, entertainment, training and speaking experience and knowledge that make her uniquely qualified to not only inspire diverse audiences to achieve the success they desire, but give them practical ideas, tips and tools to help individuals succeed with their personal dreams while helping their organizations accomplish their top- and bottom-line objectives.

Another plus is Sandy’s dynamic speaking style, which has been described by those who have seen her as EI-EI-OH! (Enthusiastic, Inspiring, Energetic and Informative – OH)!

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