Executive Speechwriting & Speech Coaching

As a leader, you must be able to communicate clearly, consistently and authentically.


Sandy is an executive speechwriter and speech coach, and has worked with executive clients since 2010 to help them bring cohesion to their messages, bring their stage presence to higher professional levels and create takeaway materials that can be used as checklists for organizational success after the conference is over.

If you and your team would like help writing and finding the best way to deliver speeches for your conventions, meetings, and training programs, call Sandy! She will work with you to learn your industry, your individual personalities and presentation styles, and your specific business to help you craft a program that is right on target, as well as uplifting and informative. She will also coach you to deliver your presentation at the highest possible level of energy, passion, and connection.


“You are a true gem. I am so impressed with the work you have done with the executive team. Their presentations were soooo good. You have really helped to shape their message and confidence in so many ways.”   – Executive speechwriting and speech coaching client

“Sandy, I wanted to thank you for the help this year. The feedback I am receiving about Atlanta and all the other meetings is that they are BY FAR the best we have ever had! – Executive speechwriting and speech coaching client

You are awesome! We very much appreciate the wonderful relationship we have with you and all of the incredible work you do.”   – Executive speechwriting and speech coaching client

“You bring out the best in us and make us all look and sound great! Thanks!”   – Executive speechwriting and speech coaching client


Nothing is more inspiring to an audience than to see their leaders deliver powerful, motivating and clearly-communicated presentations where all team members present one unified and cohesive message and call to action…

… and nothing is more jarring than hearing many different speeches, with inconsistent (sometimes even conflicting) viewpoints and no clear organizational objective.

Even those with very good speaking skills can benefit from the outside viewpoint of an expert speechwriter and speech coach. Whether you are a solo executive presenter or part of an executive team, Sandy will help you drive results, advance your agenda and further elevate your credibility and reputation by elevating your presentation content, as well as your platform skills.


With her speechwriting services, Sandy will:

  • Identify your individual and group objectives and acquaint herself with your organization to craft a customized speech that reflects your culture and values and connects with your audience;
  • Learn your “voice” so each presenter is able to use language and methods that help them deliver each speech authentically and passionately, as though they wrote it themselves;
  • Use her mind-mapping method specifically designed to organize your speech into a logical flow, so one idea progresses smoothly to the next, building a solid foundation for each point and eliminating confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Using this system, Sandy will also map out your entire event and all speeches to be delivered, to ensure that all speeches connect with each other, are presented in a logical sequence to promote understandability and buy-in, and prevent the accidental omission of important topics;
  • Ensure smooth transitions from one section of the speech to the next, in order to eliminate the impression of jumping” from one unrelated topic to another;
  • Review the speech for grammatical correctness and completeness, reducing the potential for audience members to focus on your grammatical skills rather than your important message (believe me, it happens more often than we’d like to think!);
  • Break down complex concepts into bite-sized, understandable “chunks;”
  • Craft and deliver appropriate stories and examples to increase your emotional impact, illustrate complex concepts and inspire your audience to take action to achieve your goals;
  • Work with your presentation design team to ensure that any required PowerPoint presentations reflect the clarity of the written speech and support the speech in engaging and interesting ways;
  • Create a one-sheet handout that summarizes the top actions and mindsets you want attendees to take home with them. These one-sheets are often used as “checklists” for future actions and accomplishments to help team members focus on priorities and stay on track.


“Sandy, we are all so thankful to have you as our very patient and caring speech coach … Without your help, we could not have achieved the successes we are so proud of. Thank you and enjoy the Holidays with your family and friends.” – Executive speechwriting and speech coaching client


With her speech coaching services, Sandy will help you:

  • Understand and utilize the nuances of tempo, pacing and volume to deliver your message authentically and passionately;
  • Identify and eliminate signs of nervousness or hesitation;
  • Recognize the best delivery method and location for each portion of your speech;
  • Rehearse with you on and off the stage to prepare you for maximum impact and identify any previously unrecognized challenges with speech delivery.


“Sandy, you were a great coach and source of inspiration to all of us. Thanks to your passionate engagement and support, the presentations were a big success. Thank you for all of your hard work!”   – Executive speechwriting and speech coaching client

“Coach Sandy, hope all is well your way. I just wanted to touch base to let you know that I did my first big speech under your direction and got very favorable results. Here is what the results were. Big smiles!”    – Speechwriting and speech coaching client

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