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“We saved a $2M client thanks to your help and guidance. When you came and did what you did, everything got better; we even started winning customer service awards we’d never won before. Thank you!”
– Jean G, Customer Service Manager, private corporate customer service client”


“Your teachings have done amazing things for my staff! Thank you!”
– Mark F, Customer Service Manager, private 2018 corporate customer service client


“After Kissimmee Utility Authority’s managers and supervisors heard Sandy Geroux’s presentation on delivering outstanding customer service, they were so impressed that they asked that she return to deliver this message to each and every KUA employee. Sandy complied with our request and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Sandy puts everything into it… and she has a lot.”
– Jim Welsh / CEO, Kissimmee Utility Authority


“The presentation was GREAT. It was obvious that Sandy put a lot of time and effort in customizing the presentation for KUA.
– KUA Manager


“I enjoyed the class and Sandy so much.  She was so inspiring, motivating, and encouraging.  The class made me want to be a better admin, to give my very best.  It also gave me ideas on how to deal with a few people that are difficult to work with. I’m so glad we had this training opportunity and look forward to the others.”
– WOWplace customer service training attendee


“Meaningful meeting; good planning to offer valuable information to meet our internal and external customer expectations.”
– WOWplace customer service training program attendee

Conference Keynote and Breakout Programs


Creating WOWs for Customers: Even if you think they’re un-WOWable!

Statistics show that customers who have had a problem that was successfully resolved are up to 8 times more loyal than customers who have never experienced a problem with a company at all!  With this in mind, companies must develop and implement policies that truly serve their customers, by creating policies with customer needs and desires in mind, ensuring smooth communication flow between all departments when implementing those policies, and reminding sales and front-line customer service representatives and supervisors of their focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty while empowering them to creatively and empathetically serve their customers. Customer service is about making a difference, not just a sale. Doing this will create the bottom line results you desire, while simultaneously creating loyal repeat customers who rave about you – and whom no one can tear away!

Learning outcomes for customer service session:

Customer service trainingBy the end of this program, participants will:

  • Learn 5 sure-fire methods of creating raving LOYAL fans out of your customers.
  • Think differently about when customer service actually begins – and ends.
  • Discover how to create lasting relationships with customers by uncovering what they really want (HINT: it’s not always what they ask for, or what you assume they want)
  • Empathize more with customers and focus more on their needs and desires.
  • Remember that it’s all about the customer’s experience! Participants will learn to create unique, exciting, positive experiences customers will never forget – and never stop raving about!

Discussion Points:

  • Customer Service is a mindset, not an event
  • Customer Service is not just for front-line customer service representatives
  • Do your communications flow smoothly from one department to another?
  • Are your employees really empowered to carry out your customer service initiatives?
  • How can you take an “OW!” and turn it into a “WOW!”?
  • Do your customer service representatives create raving fans – or raving lunatics? (De-escalating challenging situations)
  • Brief case studies and real-world examples are discussed.

Creating WOWs For Employees: Serving as Role Models for Exceptional Service

Customer service is about making a difference, not just a sale. Keeping in mind that the customer experience will never exceed the employee experience, it is up to leaders to serve as role models for employees by treating every team member as well as (if not better than) they expect team members to treat customers.

To accomplish this, companies must truly develop, and then implement, policies that serve their employees and make them proud to work there and make a difference every day for their customers. Creating policies with customer needs and desires in mind, ensuring smooth communication flow between all departments when implementing those policies, and empowering front-line customer service representatives and supervisors to creatively and empathetically serve your customers will create the bottom line results you desire, while simultaneously creating loyal repeat customers and team members who rave about you – and whom no one can tear away!

Learning outcomes for this program:

By the end of this program, participants will:

  • corporate speaker, business speakerLearn which inadvertent messages they may be sending their employees.
  • Think differently about the role employees play in the company’s success.
  • Discover how to create more of a feeling of ownership for company success in their employees.
  • Help employees focus on – and accept – the values and mission of the organization and their department.
  • Think of creative ways to get employees more involved.
  • Discover more creative formal and informal recognition programs they can implement in their company.

Discussion Points:

  • If dissatisfied external customers create negative word-of-mouth, imagine what dissatisfied employees can do to your company!
  • Do your employees know your company mission, goals and objectives – right from the start?
  • Does your company have departmental mission statements to help each department focus on what they need to do?
  • Taking ownership: do your employees view external customers as YOUR customers, or THEIRS ?
  • Are your employees really empowered to carry out your customer service initiatives?
  • Real-world examples are discussed.

Customized Corporate Customer Service Training Programs


Elements of the WOWplace Customer Service Training Curriculum

(Any or all of the following elements may be incorporated into the program, based on Client needs):

  1. business speaker, corporate speakerManagement interviews with Sandy before the program begins, in order to determine current issues to be addressed, specific training needs, policies & procedures, as well as desired results.
  1. Interviews with Customer Service team members to determine their viewpoint, as well as their current concerns and needs.
  1. Review by Sandy of Client’s Policies & Procedures, as well as any other pertinent information, correspondence and upcoming initiatives.
  1. A complete workbook will be provided for each attendee.
  1. Development of a theme for proposed customer service initiative
    1. Title of the initiative
    2. Posters to accompany the initiative (to be used as reminders/re-motivators for the initiative)
  1. Management Debrief prepared and written by Sandy once the program is completed (or in between sessions, if this is a multi-session initiative).
  1. Sandy will create “scripts”/dialogue guides designed to specifically position and handle customer service situations within the Client organization.
  1. Small posters can be created (designed for the cubicles), to reinforce points within the program.
  1. Written summary of whiteboard and flipchart notes and major points.
  1. Follow-up online training refreshers, live webinars and other interactive elements to reinforce training concepts and allow for practice with tools, templates, scripts and suggested actions.

Major discussion points for initial presentations with employees

corporate trainer, business trainerIntroduction of your Customer Service initiative

    1. Entire Executive Team is extremely proud of the company and all employees now
    2. Want to be exceptional – create WOW experiences for customers
    3. Increase evaluations/ratings, as well as repeat business (greatest compliment a customer can ever give)
  1. President/CEO has a dream – and wants everyone to join and be part of the Dream Team
    1. He/she needs your help – 98% vs. 2%
  2. One extra degree of effort – “turn up the heat” (212º concept and/or show movie)
    1. From good or very good to exceptional
    2. Not hidden and obscured (light ball demonstration)
  3. Dreams vs. Goals
  4. What is our goal?  (Customer Service Rating Target)… and WOW!
  5. Create a theme for the initiative
    1. Theme/posters
    2. Our families, our neighbors, our community
  6. Not just a service provider
    1. How many strangers do YOU allow into your professional office – or your home/bedroom/life?
    2. Help minimize stress during stressful times
    3. Trusted resource – beyond trusted service provider
  7. What’s in it for us?
    1. It’s not just a job – it’s a matter of pride
    2. Desired customer service rating – bonus?
  8. Mindsets/Concepts
    1. Opportunity to “Wow” in every problem – 8x more loyal
    2. You want your customers to be very possessive of you (MY _______ company)
    3. You want to be the “_________ Company/Facility of Choice” – not simply the “Company/Facility of Happenstance.”
  9. You want them to think of you as their “Company/Facility For Life”
  10. Customer Service Tips (some introduced in later presentations)
    1. When we set expectations up front, there are fewer surprises later on
    2. When we control what we can, we’re more easily forgiven for what we can’t
    3. Honesty above all
    4. Be proactive, not reactive
    5. Three magic words – I’m so sorry


Contact us for an outline of a sample 6-segment customer service training program.

Since all training programs are highly customized, please call Sandy to discuss your specific goals, measures, metrics, policies and desired outcomes for your customer service training initiative:

customer service training

Customer Service training

Creating “WOW” Customer Service
(Customized Front Line Customer Service training program)

Creating the “WOW” for Employees
(Improving Employee Motivation, Engagement and Service at all levels)

Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace! Creating the “WOW” for Employees
(Manager/Supervisor training to improve Employee Motivation, Engagement and Service)


Contact Sandy today to discuss a customized and highly impactful program for your organization! If you’d like her to put a “pencil hold” on a date for you, please fill out the Book Sandy Now!” form and give us the details of your program. Sandy will be in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving this request.

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