The Power of Using a Skills Portfolio Online Course


Skills Portfolios have been used for many years as “proof of performance” in the creative and artistic fields. Now it’s time to use this powerful tool to advance your career in other fields!


Skills Portfolios have been used for many years as “proof of performance” in the creative and artistic fields. However, many professionals in other areas are beginning to realize the power of using this invaluable tool to advance their careers, differentiate themselves in job interviews and demonstrate their unique skills. This workbook was developed to help you create an effective physical or electronic Skills Portfolio, show you how to use it properly in an interview to find a new job, advance your career – or even create a new position for yourself within your current company.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A 65-page step-by-step workbook outlining everything you need to know to create an effective Skills Portfolio, including Notes pages
  • What to include in your Portfolio
  • Organizing and creating a framework and appropriate focus for your contents
  • Instructions and guides for creating a Personal Mission Statement that “bonds” you to employers who value not only what you do… but WHO YOU ARE
  • How to get employers to sit up and take notice by using innovative ideas based on sound marketing principles designed to position you for success
  • Ensuring that they remember you after the interview (if they don’t hire you ON THE SPOT!)
  • Pre-designed forms, checklists and templates for creating your own Skills Portfolio elements

All supplemental files, as well as the link to the bonus report below, are contained in the course curriculum.

(All electronic template files were created using Microsoft Office 2003 tools and programs – i.e., Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.)

You will also receive my BONUS REPORT“7 Tips for Interviewing Success” absolutely FREE for ordering the Skills Portfolio, so you can maximize your effectiveness at job interviews. This report contains:

  • Important mindsets for the interview
  • How to dress professionally
  • The handshake
  • Sitting properly and posture hints
  • Eye contact and body language
  • Tips for following up
  • Information about using an amazing FREE tool that will position you LIGHT-YEARS ahead of every other candidate!


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