Leadership Bingo Do-It-Yourself Boxed Kit



Leadership Bingo™ is a proprietary leadership assessment tool developed by Sandy Geroux, M.S. to help leaders quickly and easily identify their leadership strengths, as well as any gaps or “blind spots” that may exist in their leadership skill set.

In addition, since consistency is a crucial factor in a leader’s effectiveness, the tool also helps measure a leader’s consistency at every step of any given situation.

It can also be used to help leaders assess the organization as a whole and assist them in recognizing and addressing significant gaps, as well as strengths, in the leadership team’s collective skill set.

Leadership BINGO is based on Sandy’s 5 WOWplace Rules:

  1. A WOWplace is SAFE
  2. A WOWplace is RESPECTFUL
  3. A WOWplace is HUMAN… not HUMANOID
  5. A WOWplace is REWARDING


The goal is to get as many “Bingos” as possible by marking an X in all squares in one column or row. Each column represents a set of leadership skills corresponding to one of the Rules, while rows represent various workplace scenarios to be analyzed and assessed for leadership consistency.

Of course, as in regular Bingo, there is one FREE SPACE in Leadership Bingo™ – because we’re only human!


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