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The “soft skill” of leadership is probably the hardest skill you will ever be called upon to master
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How leaders lead determines how workers work.

Leadership comes with challenges. Research shows that when challenges occur, leadership breaks down, and therefore so does an organization’s culture, which interferes with productivity, diminishes engagement and disengages workers.

Breakdowns come in the following four areas:

  • Trust (inclusiveness, fairness, respect)
  • Communication (cross-generational, complete, concise)
  • Execution (process, procedures, tools)
  • Follow-through (accountability, measurement, scorecards, rewards)

If your mid- and upper-level managers challenged by any of the following, Sandy’s programs and coaching can help you find practical solutions and get results:

  • A lack of respect and gratitude from their people
  • Excessive and disruptive turnover
  • Communicating with younger workers, or getting them to show up and be present
  • People not following standard procedures or using the tools provided for them
  • A lack of proactive thinking, follow-through and accountability on the part of employees

Sandy works with corporate, association and government leaders to help bring engagement and enthusiasm back to the workplace by creating a culture that fosters inclusion, respect and productivity. She helps leaders discover ways to improve employee engagement and their impact on loyalty, productivity and profits.

“It was fantastic, I really enjoyed it!! I am also getting great feedback from the other guys as well. I have to admit this is surprising! Most of the supers are pretty skeptical of this type of thing and were basically kicking and screaming trying to get out of it! 90% of them really liked it and said they will try and implement some of the things that Sandy spoke about into their daily lives.”
– Andrew Rogers, Dir. of Field Operations, Progressive Roofing

“I wanted to let you know what great feedback we are continuing to receive from your keynote at our National Franchise Conference. The lessons learned have been a big hit with our franchise community. It’s a real testimonial on your program when months after the event owners are still engaged in implementing the key points you stressed. Not only was your presentation entertaining, it is making a positive difference in our business.”
– Jim George / President & CEO, The Snip-Its Corporation


“Thanks so much Sandy! Loved getting to meet you and your keynote was amazing. You are really an inspiration. I love to meet people who love their work!”
– Curt Fowler, FL Excellence Conference


“I was impressed with the depth of the information!”
– WOWplace keynote program executive attendee


“Sandy did a fantastic job with many great examples and stories that can be related to by all employees.”
– WOWplace Managers and Supervisors training program attendee

What is Your “Emotional Logo(TM)”?
Your “emotional logo” is the one (or more) actions, gestures, words and feelings that people associate with you whenever they think of you. It is the image that leaps to mind when they think about you, and the feeling they have after having interacted with you.

We all have an emotional logo… it’s how we’re “branded” in the minds of others. And that branding can either help us be incredibly successful leaders – or it can stifle our leadership effectiveness without our ever realizing why (or that) it is happening. The good news is that with self-awareness, focus and practice, we can make that logo anything we wish it to be.

Join Sandy as she explores how and why our logos are formed, what inadvertent messages they may be sending to our teams, and what we can do to ensure they are true “WOWs!” for everyone we wish to lead or influence.

Clients and audiences tend to hire Sandy when they are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • They need to restore effective communication so people from different generations can talk and work together to get the job done.
  • They need to re-gain team harmony and cohesion after a period of growth, merger or acquisition, so they can get everyone on the same page.
  • They need to re-build morale after the loss of a big client (or other demoralizing “incident”) before they lose another one.
  • They want to preserve or re-gain the “family feeling” and excitement they had when they first started.


What is your corporate culture?

Do you know? Is it evident in everything that every member of your team says and does? Is it in the forefront of their minds and so strongly instilled in their hearts that every action demonstrates what is important to them and the organization? When corporate culture is unclear or confused, everything suffers: engagement, productivity, customer service, morale, profits – everything.

But when the corporate culture is clear, leaders don’t have to “be everywhere and see everything” because employees will demonstrate your shared values automatically. And if someone has a bad day, their peers will jump in to help them because doing anything else “is not the way we roll here.”

Strong leadership – WOW leadership – is at the heart of culture because it guides everyone’s actions. From the Board Room to the Break Room, everyone is committed to excellence, to making a difference and to reaching their full potential … together.

When leadership falters, decisive and authentic action is needed to help the team recover quickly in order to keep the organization from losing momentum or even sliding backward.

Why Hire Sandy to Speak at Your Next Event?

Sandy understands leadership from many points of view, and always from personal experience. She will not try to tell leaders how to do their specific jobs; they are the experts there. Sandy is an expert at connecting, engaging and inspiring others – and finding immediately workable ways to do so in the workplace. It is this expertise that she shares with leaders around the globe.

Her knowledge and understanding does not come from books, but from being in the trenches in the corporate world for 20 years, as well as being a business owner herself and serving on the boards of several associations. She continues to “walk her talk” every day, and continually seeks new opportunities for learning and sharing her knowledge with her clients.

Sandy’s passion and energy know no bounds. She customizes every program to pinpoint each client’s objectives and will work with your team to ensure they meet their goals.

Sandy’s goal is to be one of the easiest and most effective speakers with whom you will ever work, arriving early, letting you know when she’s there, working with your teams before, during and after the meeting… and most of all, making YOU look good by ensuring attendees receive a WOW experience!

Another plus is Sandy’s dynamic speaking style, which has been described by those who have seen her as enthusiastic, inspiring, energetic and informative!

Leadership keynote speakerHow do you view your leadership? More importantly, how do your associates view your leadership style and leadership teams?

Do your employees have to come to work because they make a paycheck… or do they love to come to work because they make a difference?

Creating the WOW is not about big, flashy one-time actions that create fleeting impact and then are gone. It’s about our people and their willingness to consistently engage and take ownership for their role in the organization’s success.

But their willingness to consistently engage and take ownership relies on their leaders’ willingness and ability to consistently help them remember that they matter – and that their actions matter… and that make a difference every day.

Do your policies and procedures enable and encourage team members to be creative and innovative when serving others? Do they feel safe to use their judgment in order to create exceptional experiences? Do your systems and tools support and enable them to follow those creative actions through to completion? Or do those experiences fall flat because the systems or tools don’t work, and actually prevent them from keeping their promises?

Disengagement and burnout often prevent people from sharing new ideas and going the extra mile to find hidden WOW’s that add up to exceptional experiences for everyone around them.

In this program, Sandy shares uplifting leadership ideas, entertaining stories and case studies, and easy-to-use models that foster innovative and proactive thinking. The program inspires attendees to fully engage and bring their ideas to fruition by sparking their creativity and showing them how to anticipate knowledge gaps, improve processes, enhance productivity, eliminate excuses and break the “status quo”, so their ideas can be realized.

By reinforcing a culture of service, values, creativity and respect, Sandy also demonstrates how to effectively leverage the competitive advantage that exists in tapping into the tacit knowledge of the team, so it doesn’t remain hidden or “walk out the door” to benefit your competition. The result is that attendees remember that they do make a difference… and can lead others to do the same.

“Fabulous – As a new supervisor, I am leaving with great ideas.”
– WOWplace leadership training program attendee


“The presentation was GREAT. It was obvious that Sandy put a lot of time and effort in customizing the presentation for KUA.”
– KUA Manager


Leadership training programsPeople don’t leave companies… they leave people!

Statistics show that 68% of customers leave a company because of the way they were treated… not because they didn’t like the product or service.
And 90% of new employees make the decision to stay with a company – or leave – within the first 6 months… mainly based on how they were treated.

If we want to turn our workplace into a WOWplace, we must evaluate and focus on everything we say and do, as well as the way we say and do it, so our words and actions match our promise of the WOW.

We could focus on all the incredible products and services our company has to offer… but if all our incredible products and services are not delivered in WOW ways, by WOW people, with WOW attitudes, they may as well not exist. In other words, if we don’t make everyone – customers and employees alike – feel valued, appreciated, listened to and respected… they won’t stay.

“We’d like to have Sandy come in and work with one department for 6 months, and then expand out to other departments once the concepts are in place in the first one!”
– WOWplace leadership training program attendee


“WOW, this was excellent. She kept my interest throughout. Also, challenged us at the beginning to participate in her own way. You would have felt less than you should be if you did not join in. We were very lucky to get this woman.”
– Healthcare association conference attendee


Sandy’s most requested programs for leaders

The Leader’s Challenge: Getting People To Do What You Need Them To Do

In this program, Sandy shares stories, examples and insights that help leaders solve challenges by identifying and correcting what they may be inadvertently doing to inhibit employee engagement and contribution. She also shares The WOWplace® Rules, five categories of leadership behaviors that outline a successful formula for engaging your people and getting the work done.

motivational speaker

Enthusiastic and energetic

Creating WOW Experiences for Customers

Exceptional customer service starts and ends with leadership. Employees will treat customers as well as they feel they are being treated by leaders, so it’s up to leaders to lead by example and model the behavior they wish to see in others. In this program, Sandy shares mindsets that enable employees to offer exceptional service to both internal and external customers. She also shares case studies from her work with clients, as well as others, who have overcome difficult challenges and achieved higher levels of customer retention and loyalty.

Sample discussion points:

  • What is the impact of consistency on creating the WOW (which is a matter of will:W ill I OW on’t I?)
  • Tapping into employees’ under-utilized talents and abilities, fostering employee initiative?
  • Building trust and respect by being a role model for the actions and mindsets you expect from your teams.
  • Understanding the impact of being HUMAN and relatable in building stronger relationships; encouraging everyone to focus on their “Human” Duties while performing their Job Duties.
  • Creating higher levels of respect & trust (effective leaders don’t DEMAND respect, they COMMAND it).
  • Motivating employees to do the extraordinary, despite every reason (excuse) not to do so.
  • Gaining buy-in for new initiatives.
  • Fostering proactive and critical thinking, as well as accountability in the workplace.
  • In terms of innovation and creativity, what do we need to do (or stop doing) to take our results to the next level?
  • Helping everyone realize that we must take reasonable and appropriate risks to create breakthrough performance.
  • Using proactive formulas, tools and templates for creating WOW experiences.

Through a comprehensive set of services, Sandy can help your organization manage, leverage and profit from new leadership behaviors throughout your organization, increasing engagement and driving results:

  • Keynote speaking
  • Leadership workshops and seminars
  • Individual and group mentoring coaching and training
  • Facilitation at retreats and strategy meetings
  • Leadership assessments and action plans
  • Tools to engage your teams and get them to contribute their valuable knowledge and ideas
  • Group webinars and Q&A sessions

Contact Sandy at (407) 856-1188 to discuss a customized solution to your leadership challenges.

Leadership Bingo:
Leadership Bingo game, leadership assessment tool

When you call, we can also discuss how Sandy’s new, innovative, scenario-based self-assessment tool can help your leaders quickly and easily identify their leadership strengths, as well as any gaps or “blind spots” that may exist in their leadership skill set.

If you already have a date in mind and want Sandy to put a “pencil hold” on that date for you, please fill out the Book Sandy Now!” form and give us the details of your program. Sandy will be in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving this request.

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